Yogatherapy School of Nikolai and Elena Prokunins'

School founders and directors
Nikolai Prokunin
Nikolai ProkuninFounder and Director of the School
President and Founder of Academy Yoga and Yogatherapist
Certified Yoga Therapist, a member of IAYT
Consultant Yoga and Ayurveda (the American Institute of Vedic Studies, Dr. Frauly)
Specialist Ayurvedic marma massage (Ayurveda Center Jayam Mahesh, India, Karnataka)
Certified Teacher of Russian Yoga Federation
Certified Teacher of Yoga Alliance International (YAI)
Certified Teacher of Internationla Yoga Federation (IYF)
Specialization in Moscow State Sport Centre of Mosckomsport
Author of book "Introduction in Yogatherapy

...if there is no teacher, the true knowledge would not be reached. From teacher to student skills has to be transmitted properly practice and an understanding of why all this is necessary to the student. Then in the books everything becomes clear. (From the book «Introduction to Yoga therapy» by N. and E. Prokunins)

Elena Prokunina
Elena ProkuninaFounder and Director of the School
Vice-president and Founder of Academy Yoga and Yogatherapist
Unique specialist, physician (obstetrics and gynecology),
Certified psychologist, Moscow State University,
Certified yoga therapist Russian Federation of Yoga,
Certified Teacher of Russian Yoga Federation,
Certified Teacher of Yoga Alliance International (YAI),
Author of book "Introduction in Yogatherapy

... it is appeared sense of correctness, understanding that the body will soon pour strength and weight will go away. Together with confidence come peace and joy ... I began to understand the importance of Vedic philosophy that harmoniously became superimposed on my medical and psychological knowledge. (From the book «Introduction to Yoga therapy»)



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Nikolai Prokunin is engaged in  yoga more than 15 years

His classes are gentle and full of personal attitude to each client. Each class finishes with deep relaxation in yoga nidra. One leaves with a sense of peacefulness and feeling of well-being. It doesn’t mean that Nikolai provides classes only for infirm, but he also can give an energetic training in a heavy duty yoga style.

Nikolai and Elena is grateful for the teachings to Denis Zaenchkovsky in Ashtanga Vinyasa Style, Leonid Gartsenshtein in yoga therapy in tradition of Dhirendra Brahmachary, Shri Shailendra Sharma in kriya yoga (Advaita Vedanta, Siddha Siddhanta). Special grateful to Shri Kashi 1008 Jagadguru Dr. Chandrashekhar Shivacharya Mahasvamiji for diksha in Veerashaiva and shiva-yoga, where Nikolai and Elena got their spiritual names.

During 15-years experience in yoga practice and studying with famous masters of yoga Nikolai has specialized skills and knowledge in the application of yoga in a therapeutic setting.

He applies principles of yoga and the full range of yoga practices, bio-medical knowledge and assessment skills to establish a professional relationship with clients in developing a self empowering therapeutic program appropriate to their needs.

Nikolai is currently available to teach yoga in a studio class setting as well as teach private one-to-one and/or group sessions in your home.

Elena Prokunina - unique alloy of medicine, yoga, psychology and astrology

At its psychological consultation Elena will help you to get into those areas of your conscious and unconscious, which are not available to study separately by doctor, astrologer and psychologist.

What excites man the most? That's right — he himself!

Even external events and phenomena of interest to us, especially in terms of their impact on us and our reactions to them. These reactions, as well as the inner emotional and mental state depends on our nature due to specific, unique location of the planets in the birth chart and the attitudes that we have received from us important people and society. Often, we begin to act automatically, and also we think by hard pattern. Without even noticing, we drive ourselves into the maze of our facilities, which limit our ability to overshadow our discriminating mind (Skrt. Viveka). It is not possible to make a simple and correct decisions, leads to erroneous actions.

What is astro-psychology? How it can help you?

The foundation of astropsychology made ancient scholars — Plato, Thales, Aristotle. Their researches on the nature of the soul and the influence of the heavenly bodies were summarized in the works of Plato. In the twentieth century, Karl Yung, the founder of analytical psychology, deeply worked in this field. In particular, he argued that there is a correlation between astrological archetypal images and «themes», pronounced astrology symbols (planets, signs of the zodiac, horoscope houses). Yung wrote in one of his works: «Astrology is the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity».

Modern astro-psychology — the science and art

Only specialists who have experience in psychology and astrology, can correctly diagnose and analysis of the natal chart, on this basis to determine the psychological portrait of a man and answer your questions:

  • What would be a good partner for you live or work, and what complexity could arise and in what way?
  • What is the energy potential of man, what its ambitions are, what he can do, what he should look out for?
  • What type of activities it is suitable, and what challenges await him in the future?
  • What is the cause of recurring situations in life and how to avoid them?

Elena Prokunina on her consultations not only clarifies the astrological and psychological characteristics of a person, but also helps to solve their pressing problems. She explains that natal chart (the location of the planets at the moment of a person's birth) — is not a sentence from the heavens but the guide. And you can neutralize the weak and show strong qualities of your nature — the principle «forewarned — is forearmed», consciously changing your life for the better. Rising above the maze of their facilities, you will be able to find a way out of it, and all the powerful tools of psychology and astrology efficiently help you in this.

Current classes offered by Nikolai

Yoga Therapy Class


Yoga Therapy Class is rehabilitation and restorative practice. One can travel deep into the practice of yoga as a therapy. This class is for patients without yoga experience and for new and intermediate yogis alike. YT can make the connection between your mind and your tight problematic areas of your body. You can benefit from this relaxing-stretch class in a comfortable room. Using special asana-pranayama (breath) complex one can deeply heat the layers of muscles and fascia in the body, fill them with energy, stretch and treat problem part of your body. You can feel the benefits and easing immediately. Your appearance and happy look of your face will show it.May be you want to make your morning practice or just to slow down the rhythm of your day long and make your yoga break to heal you a little. YT Class can offer 1-1.5 hour of slow and relaxing practice, which helps you to reduce body strain and mind tension out off stresses of big city. Each class is completed with relaxing pranayama (breath) and Yoga Nidra.After this practice you will fill peacefulness and calming. You can begin this Yoga Therapy class even if you have not any yoga experience. After a few lessons in the class you can integrate YT complex in your day life. This class utilizes props in high extend to avoid extra tension in the body. All levels of practitioners are welcome to test the benefits of this powerful therapy system. Private YT classes also available.

Ha and Tha Yoga – Soft’n’Gentle Class


Join Nikolai in this Ha and Tha (Sun & and Moon) class. Enjoy with slow moving of your body, laying movement over the breath and calming the mind.This class starts with a short pranayama, then some yummy warm-up and yoga stretches. It helps to release the day's kinks and stresses. Mild Surya Namaskar series are changes with a set of asanas, which finishes with bending-flexibility exercises or vitality-enhancing work. At the end of the class you have famous deep relaxing Yoga Nidra relaxation.

Slimming Yoga Class


Extra weight, unsightly flab, clothes that you cannot fit anymore and it is hard for you to make even an easy exercises. It’s an old story. You pick a diet fad, eating tasteless food, then torture yourself at your closest gym class. And then yo-yo effect comes. You loose few kilos here and there and after some time you realize that you can’t live with this diet-gym-pill life anymore. You give up and your extra weight backs in few weeks.Nikolai can show that alternative way for slimming at his Slimming Yoga Class. It is surprising, how is it possible that unassuming set of simple stretch asanas plus breath can be one of the most effective with permanent effect weight loss methods. Just understand, that yoga is holistic disciple which effects immediately and whole your body and mind.

Office Yoga – Class for office


At this Office Yoga Class you work with Nikolai to study special practice for your workday in the office. Prolonged work on the computer in sitting position makes strains in the neck, back and shoulders.Making simple but very effective asanas with special breath will de-stress you, ease up tensions in body and the mind. When you do this exercises as a part of your day routine you will wonder how quickly your usual body pain wipes away, increase muscle flexibility, keeping you in fresh and vitalized mood.

Ha-Style Energetic — Yoga Class


Ha-Style Energetic class really burst you into ocean of energy. Enjoy with heavy duty energetic vinyasa-stile yoga. This class is for those who likes muscle-strengthening exercises, athletic push-up moving of your body. This class helps students quickly pull out from black mood, depression and tension of megalopolis life.This class starts with a short energetic pranayama (Bhastrika), then strong athletic yoga warm-up, and yoga stretches. Vitalizing Surya Namaskar A B C series are changes with a set of deep-keeping asanas, whereyou will use special Mudras and Bandhas. Vitalizing pranayamas follow all practice and even during asanas stay. It helps to heat and strengthen body, burn down parasitic mental settings. At the end of the class you have balancing pranayama, special meditative practice and deep relaxing Yoga Nidra relaxation.

Nikolai is ready to share with his experience and knowledge with those, whom stresses and diseases pushed into abyss of depression, who is in despair and collapsed. He speaks fluently English and has big experience in communication with expats. Nikolai helps people to restore their health and to make better quality of their life. You may come to Nikolai’s classes and jointly solve your problems!

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